Newsletter 11/28/2022 
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Dear Reader,
When you play the piano, you leave traces behind. And I mean this in a literal sense. An instrument polished to a high sheen almost always bears traces of the player. And if you take some time off, you’ll soon find that your piano is covered in a fine layer of dust.
Our new » Henle piano polishing cloth is an ultra-fine microfibre cloth for cleaning pianos and other smooth and shiny interior surfaces. I use it regularly. Why not give it a try?
You can find out more about our new editions and several inspiring videos about what is going on at the publishing house in the following newsletter.
With very best wishes

Dr. Wolf-Dieter Seiffert
Managing Director
P.S. I have also given several people the piano polishing cloth as a gift.
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Italy’s literature and art
Franz Liszt
Années de pèlerinage, Deuxième Année – Italie
Editor: Peter Jost, Fingering: Francesco Piemontesi
Urtext Edition, paperbound
HN 1389
In this revised edition, a manuscript copy of no. 2 (Il Penseroso) with corrections by Liszt (the engraver’s copy) has also been evaluated for the first time. The new fingering is by Swiss pianist Francesco Piemontesi.
€ 21.–
In conversation with Piemontesi
The pianist Francesco Piemontesi has contributed his fingerings to volumes one and two of our Urtext editions of Liszt’s “Années de pèlerinage”.
In this video interview with Peter Jost, the editor of this edition who is also in our editorial department, the Swiss pianist talks about approaching these famous and in parts challenging pieces, about virtuosity, sound, “good” fingering and using the pedal when playing Liszt.
» To the video (German with English subtitles)
New publications for piano
Johann Sebastian Bach
The Art of Fugue BWV 1080
Urtext Edition without fingering, clothbound
HN 11
€ 49.–
New publications for strings
Peter Iljitsch Tschaikowsky
Works for Violin and Piano
Urtext Edition, paperbound
HN 961
€ 32.–
New publications chamber music
Gabriel Fauré
Piano Quartet no. 1 c minor op. 15
Urtext Edition, paperbound
HN 1544
€ 44.–
Arnold Schönberg
String Quartet no. 2 op. 10 with Soprano part
Urtext Edition, Parts, paperbound
HN 1542

€ 39.–
Arnold Schönberg
String Quartet no. 2 op. 10 with Soprano part
Urtext Edition, Piano reduction, paperbound
HN 1615

€ 9.–
New publications vocal music
Richard Strauss
Eight Poems op. 10
Urtext Edition, Medium voice, paperbound
HN 1459

€ 17.50
Richard Strauss
Eight Poems op. 10
Urtext Edition, Low voice, paperbound
HN 1460

€ 17.50
New publications study scores
Johannes Brahms
Triumphlied op. 55
Urtext Edition, Study score (pocket score), paperbound
HN 9030
€ 12.–
Schönberg, Ax, Woesner
“Playing this work is extremely rewarding – both physically and musically!” is what the pianist Shai Wosner says of Schönberg’s Suite for Piano op. 25. “They are just beautiful and expressive music that should be played as much as anything that is normally played!” adds Emanuel Ax in a conversation about the Piano Pieces op. 11 and op. 19.
We would like to draw your attention to this video interview that our editor-in-chief Norbert Müllemann conducted with these two extraordinary musicians and friends of our publishing house.
» To the video with Emanuel Ax and Shai Wosner
» Our Urtext editions of Schönberg
Perahia Masterclass – throwback video
We thoroughly enjoyed welcoming Murray Perahia and 10 young pianists to our Beethoven Masterclass in Munich. This short throwback video presents a few of the teaching and learning highlights from this event.
» To the video
Henle Blog
» 20th-century string quartets in the Henle catalogue
» Beethoven’s list of corrections – a rare source type
» An unknown Haydn quote by Brahms?
» Johann Kuhnau, on the 300th anniversary of his death
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